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  • Around 300 Views per Day
  • 100% real views
  • Completely Safe Views

Did you know these interesting YouTube Facts?

  •     YouTube now exceeds 2 billion views a day
  •     Hundreds of millions of videos every month are viewed on mobile devices
  •     According to Alexa, YouTube is the third most frequently visited website
  •     YouTube is the second largest search engine online
  •     YouTube is by far the biggest video-sharing website
  •     24 hours of video is uploaded every minute
  •     The average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube
  •     Data source: YouTube

Make sure to enter your Channel URL correctly like below:

Note: Depending current orders for this service. Please allow 7-10 days after order is placed before your video views start appearing and then will grow over the coming weeks. We will email you with your current statistics once I have received your order. YouTube don’t update channel counters as often so some days the channel views can jump up quite a lot.


Question#1: What is a video view?

YouTube record video views not by how many people visited the page, but by how many unique people watched the video long enough for them to count it as a view.

For example if you sent 100 people to your video, you might have 30 people watch it so the counter would only show 30 views.
Quite often the percentage of visitors to your video that convert into a view can be between 10% and 70%.

It’s not possible for anyone to guarantee an exact number of views that will be added to a video as it depends on many factors like whether it was interesting enough that a good percentage of traffic watched it, the actual length of the video, was it a real person watching it, had they already watched it (replay), etc.

Every video is different and because people have different interests, it is normal that only some will watch it until the end.

YouTube have strict conditions in what counts for a view and they don’t disclose this information. They are also very clever at knowing if scripts, bots and/or proxies were used to fake views so you would want to avoid companies that do that. This is against the terms and conditions of YouTube and risks having your videos and YouTube user account banned.


Question#2: When will I see an increase in views?

Once you have been notified that your video promotion has begun, your views should begin to increase based on your chosen package.

For new videos once they get to the 300/400 or so mark, there’s a pause while YouTube switch their view counter over to the counter used by more popular videos that use non-real-time synchronization. Also a percentage of views can be counted days after delivery because of YouTube’s delay in their view counter and their system only updates a couple of times per day.

These services work great for videos with more then 400 views. Fine on other videos with less views too, but can be a delay during the switch to the faster view counter. However, all videos will stay in the system until they reach the requested views.

Question#3: Are these real views?

Yes. All traffic delivered to your videos are real people so that a good percentage of them convert to a view. This traffic can be from a number of sources like social media sites, blogs, redirected traffic from expired domains, etc and can appear as being from internal YouTube searches, mobile devices, etc as well.

The traffic is un-targeted worldwide visitors to keep the costs as low as possible. The purpose of increasing your views is to gain more exposure on YouTube and Google so that you can get targeted traffic based on your video title, description and tags.

For targeted traffic you would be paying a lot more if using a Pay Per Click advertising company like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

Question#4: When will the views be completed?

Due to many factors I cannot guarantee an exact time frame of views been delivered. From time to time YouTube have technical issues with their Counter updates and I have no control over their website. At times they have rolled out upgrades which has caused their counters to stop working or cause massive lag in delaying the views.

However what I do guarantee is that the video will continue to be promoted until all the views are delivered and the delivery rate is approximate based on YouTube working as close to normal as possible.

Question#5: Why are the views not the same amount each day?

Fluctuations from day to day do occur. Every website has traffic spikes and downs, which is completely natural behavior.

Please expect fluctuations on a day per day basis (some days your video might not get many, and other days more people might be watching so you could get a lot more views), but over the period of your chosen package it should be around the average views per day. I suggest set it and forget it for a week or two instead of checking it each day.


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